1. Common Sense Talks with Madelyne Woods, Lists His Favorite Rappers Circa ’93 & Rocks The Stage with No I.D. (VIDEO).

    “He’s a swingin’ rapper from the South Side of Chicago, one of the most hardcore ‘hoods in the country, but he’s not a gangsta nor a pimp. He’s Common Sense, rapping about life as he sees it…”

    UpNorthTrips continues yesterday’s Common festivities with this vintage early ’90s BET encounter with host Madelyne Woods , which most likely inspired the “Resurrection” line, “I wish that Madelyne was back on Video LP …”

    While the interview is a little all over the place (Miss Woods with the goods wants to know why Com ain’t rapping over house music since he’s from Chicago), it does offer up plenty of good stuff to sink your teeth into, not the least of which is this memorable quote from the dollar-borrowing rapper: “I am a hardcore artist. I am a hardcore hip-hopper ’cause hardcore to me is just coming from the heart and putting your heart on that paper and being true…so I look at myself as being hardcore.”

    One of the highlights is definitely Com Sense’s Top 5 Favorite Rapper List at the time back then. You ready? Alright, here it goes…: Grand Puba , Del the Funkee Homosapien , Redman , Lord Finesse & Nasty Nas .

    Later, he’s joined on stage by producer and good friend No I.D. , who not only mans the turntables but does his duty as hypeman during a rendition of the single, “Soul By The Pound,” in which Common kicks the lyrics to both the O.G. and remix version of the song.


    Com on The Two Piece Dark With Mild Sauce From Harold's Chicken, Growing Up in The Chi & His Favorite Rappers.

    Those Das EFX comparisons is that ish Com don’t like.

    (Props to CoalMineMusic for the upload. Thanks to UpNorthTrips .)

    Common & No I.D. Perform "Soul By The Pound."

    Shouts out Relativity labelmates The Beatnuts at the end.

    (Props to CoalMineMusic for the upload. Thanks to UpNorthTrips .)

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