1. 10 Things Drake and Common Might Have Said to Each Other at the NBA All-Star Game.


    Here it is, people. Photographic evidence from yesterday's NBA All-Star game in Orlando, FL that the Common-Drake beef (or Drake-Common beef, depending on your never-say-die loyalties) is - as it's been rumored for a minute now - totally, completely, finally, officially, unequivocally, OVER. Done. Never no more. Ever. Words really can't explain the relief that's consumed the rap world in light of this inspiring news. We still, however, don't know exactly what was said between these two pillars of hip-hop. But that, of course, hasn't stopped us from guessing. Read on for 10 possible Common-Drake convo excerpts... and feel free to add on with your own.


    1. "Call me Drizzy. Should I call you, 'Commie'?"

    2. “Dude, soooo fuckin’ glad we squashed the beef while it’s still sweater season.”

    3. “Just for the record, man, I really thought you killed it in Just Wright .”

    4. “Yo… I used to hate Y.O.U.”

    5. “Disneyworld later, bro? C’mon, don’t get SWEET on me. Ha!”

    6. “Look, just wanted to tell you that no matter what happened: I’ve always, always, always, ALWAYS respected your hat game.”

    7. “Hold up – you had Meryl Streep in your Oscars pool too? MY NIGGA!”

    8. “I bet anything the media didn’t want to see this: two strong, young Black men... discussing sample sales.”

    9. “So you prefer ‘Drammon?’ I was thinking, ‘Crake.’”

    10. "Okay, check it out: Drake.Com is the album. The first single... you ready?... 'The Bald and the Beautiful'!"

    (Props to BMimms for the photo.)

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Rantanplan

      "Dude, You had me at hello.”

    • 40ozking

      11. Drake: "Kanye was a genius for planning that beef between us to promote your album"
      Common: "Man... I'm just glad that I moved over 50,000 copies in my first week"

    • P. D. Eastman

      "…are you my mother?"

    • Merzuez

      "you seroius? perfumed candles under the bad to make the boogeymany go away?"

    • woozy

      That shit Crake.

    • Bboycult

      Common: " Nigga, you just gon walk right up to me in public huh? You bet not put yo hand out....aw you just gon put yo hand out for a dap and all that!? Damn.......I hate a media savvy nigga like you!" " Well come on then, bring it on in for the real thing.......ole sweet ass. "

    • T-Rex

      Common is still a punk!!!!

    • egotrip

      "Whoa... that DMX dude - what's up w/ THAT GUY?!?"

    • Newly

      Yo the dude behind us, look just like Raekwon.
      You right that look just like Raekwon.