1. Combat Jack &
    Francis Chiser Present PG-14: A Tribute To
    Larry Levan

    (Art: Theotis Jones)

    Combat Jack (Reggie Ossé) says: If you know me, you know I’m a Paradise Garage head, and if you really know New York City, you’ll know that the Paradise Garage was the GOAT New York night club.

    Maestro Larry Levan spun magic weekly and house music has never been the same. For years I’ve searched for a classic sounding Paradise Garage mixtape circa 1985 – 1987, arguably the club’s best years before it closed its doors in 1987. Frustrated, I settled for never getting my hands on such a tape.

    A few weeks ago, friend and Internets colleague Francis Chiser asked me if I’d be down to curate a Garage tape that would capture the magic of the club’s ’85 – ’87 heyday. Jumping in, I wanted to make sure we featured music that I personally heard Larry play as he slayed. Francis and I vetted through hundreds of songs that got touched by Larry.

    Weeks later, we proudly present to you ‘PG – 14, A Tribute To Larry Levan Circa ’85 – 87′. Listen to this as a 3-hour time capsule reflecting a very special time in my life and in New York underground culture.

    Combat Jack & Francis Chiser — PG-14: A Tribute To Larry Levan Track List:

    1. Taana Gardner – Heartbeat
    2. Linda Clifford – Runaway Love
    3. Womack & Womack – I’m Scared of You
    4. Gwen Guthrie – Aint Nothin Goin On But The Rent
    5. Touch – Without You
    6. NYC Peech Boys – Don’t Make Me Wait
    7. The Clash – The Magnificent Seven
    8. Diane Ross – Love Hangover
    9. Grace Jones – Pull Up The Bumper
    10. The It – Donnie
    11. Talking Heads – Once In A Lifetime
    12. Liz Torres – Can’t Get Enough
    13. ESG – Moody
    14. Ten City – Devotion
    15. Jungle Wonz – The Jungle
    16. Loose Joints – Is It All Over My Face?
    17. Inner Life – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough
    18. Robert Owens – I’ll Be Your Friend
    19. First Choice – Double Cross
    20. Mr. Fingers – Can You Feel It
    21. Jungle Wonz – Time Marches On
    22. Fingers Inc. – Mystery of Love
    23. Raze – Break 4 Love
    24. Third World – Now That We Found Love
    25. Chip E – Life This
    26. Jeanette “JT” Thomas – Shake Your Body
    27. Steve “Silk” Hurley – Jack Your Body
    28. Marshall Jefferson – Move Your Body
    29. Ralph Rosario – You Used to Hold Me
    30. Frankie Knuckles feat Jamie Principle – Baby Wants To Ride
    31. Gil Scott-Heron – The Bottle
    32. Roy Ayers – Running Away
    33. Cyamnde – Bra
    34. First Choice – Let No Man Put Asunder
    35. Joubert Singers – Stand On the World
    36. Stevie Wonder – All I Do


    [Via The Combat Jack Show ]

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