1. Every Rap Album Cover is Mexican... On Cinco de Mayo.


    This past March we here at egotripland really, really got into the St. Patrick's Day mood with our "Irish" versions of rap album covers . Well, with the Mexican holiday Cinco de Mayo happenin' tomorrow, we just couldn't resist doin' it again — and not just because we love holidays that encourage us to drink until we pass out. Unlike Arizona, we love Mexicans! So that's why we bring to all The Raza — and everyone else in the human raza, especially RZA because even though he's not Mexican he's a great producer, but we digress, desculpe — these customized (like a lowrider) hip-hop LPs with South of the Border swag (bet you thought we was gonna say "swag-o"). So break out the Coronas it's time to fiesta fiesta.


    1. Flan Nubian — Flan For All

    2. Ice-T — Piñata

    3. Ol' Dirty Sanchez — Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Sanchez Version

    5. Éminemo — ¡La Hora Gigante de Éminemo!

    6. Ra Julio — Viva La Virgen

    7. Kanye Oeste — Mi Hermoso Oscuro Pervertido Fantasia

    8. Drake — Tecate

    9. Republican Enemy — Fear of a Brown Planet

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  2. You might wanna peep...

    • http://okayplayer.com kelvinmercerlookalike

      I can dig it, you *crocka* crazy mother *crocka*.

    • http://RapReviews.com/ZillaSays.com Woody Black

      Better never than late, I always say...
      [Note: Excuse my horrible funky Latin Lingo...]

      1. Flan Nubian — Flan For All

      All for Flan
      Feels Muy Bueno
      Drop the Bomb (Ode to Eating Alubias con Arroz while Drinking Mexican Water)
      Hablar Más Despacio (iNueva Versión del Pedro Rock!)

      2. Ice-T — Piñata

      Soy Tu Traficante
      Experto Jugador
      El Cartel del Syndicate
      Chicas, Vámonos Desnudarse y Fornicar

      3. Ol’ Dirty Sanchez — Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Sanchez Version

      Cha-Cha Y'all
      Zoo de Brooklyn
      ¿No Sé Tú?
      Juegos de Beber (Pastel muy dulce)

      4. Masvillain — Masvillainy

      Mas Morados del Mexico
      Día Grande Hoy
      El Ojo

      5. Éminemo — ¡La Hora Gigante de Éminemo!

      Marrón Mexico
      Cleanin' Out Mi Armario
      Mi Padre esta Muy Loco
      La Canción de la Hallie

    • http://RapReviews.com Woody Black

      6. Ra Julio — Viva La Virgen

      ¡Hola! ¡Hola!
      Esta Murda
      Count on Your Vato
      Christophe del Negro

      7. Kanye Oeste — Mi Hermoso Oscuro Pervertido Fantasia

      Todas las Luces
      Who Will Survive in a Mexican Bullfight?
      La Diabla en Vestido de Azul
      Fugitivo (Tostar las douchebags, pendejos, y los Jerkoffs -- que jamás aceptan de trabajo fuera)

      8. Drake — Tecate

      Y.O.V.O. (You Only Vive Once)
      Dios Sabe
      Infierno sí a la derecha de mierda*

      * - I Google Translated that one, sue me

      9. Republican Enemy — Fear of a Brown Planet

      Hermanos Gonna Work it Out
      066 es Una Broma
      Bienvenido a la Terrordome
      Ranchera Jax
      Luchar contra el sistema, con Rosie Pérez

    • egotrip

      Woody, You are a giant among men. ¡Mas gigante! (One day we are gonna have to steal your brain.)

    • http://www.thetroyblog.com verge tibbs

      That Flan Nubian shit is gold, got me rolling over here.

    • egotrip

      "More Flan Nubian, moms - please?"

    • Datdude

      go figure, raised on hip hop with a chorizo burrito hangin out my back pocket. I can still sing word for word "colors" senior T honored humbled and red to go..... Godspeed my men