1. Chrono Jigga: Jay-Z Over Chrono Trigger Video Game Beats (AUDIO).


    It's the rap video game Takeover! First there was Mario Deep , a cool collision of Mobb Deep and Mario, now comes Chrono Jigga , the meeting of Jay-Z and popular, mid '90s, role-playing SNES game Chrono Trigger . This time around, it's Kentucky producer/rapper/big time video game fan 2 Mello who provides the time travel fun as he expertly blends Hov's vocals with the soaring music of composers Yasunori Mitsuda and Nobuo Uematsu . So jump in the Epoch and re-introduce yourself to Jay-Z's back catalog.

    2 Mello's Chrono Jigga Tracklist:
    1. Intro
    2. Public Chrono Announcement
    3. An Encore In Time
    4. Ignorant Scene
    5. What More Can I Sing
    6. Masamune Problems
    7. Say Hello To The Black Omen
    8. Dirt In The Palace
    9. Wind Cry (Orchestra)
    10. Marle, Lucca, Schala
    11. Gato's In Love
    12. Outro


    (Props to @misnomre for lettin' us know)

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