1. THE BEST OF RACISM: Chris Rock Tweet Sparks Outrage.


    On July 4th funnyman Chris Rock tweeted a pointed joke about the Independence Day holiday: "Happy white peoples independence day the slaves weren't free but I'm sure they enjoyed fireworks." Not everyone found Rock's quip so funny, as a torrent of backlash commenced that's still going strong. How do we know? Check a few of the more heated (and often ugly) response tweets from folks bringing all-new context to the phrase, "Everybody Hates Chris"...

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    • stan chaz

      Misdirected outrage.
      Chris Rock should have said:
      it's the RICH white people's Independence Day.
      'Cause the rest of us, all of us, are still in slavery, in this great land of ours.
      The blood-sucking rich get richer... and richer....and richer - while the rest of us get shafted.
      Those that have the most...want it ALL.
      They feast on the finest steaks, as they drive a stake thru our lives, our hopes,
      and our children's dreams.
      Their schemes and their frauds have brought this nation to the brink of ruin.
      Then they have the gall to cry: bail us out - 'cause we're too big to fail.
      But your babies are never too small.... to starve.
      This is not an enlightened society. Heck- it's not even a functioning Capitalist society.
      It's just pure, destructive, unchecked GREED... run wild.
      Heaven help us in a Romney regime.

    • V-nice

      Stan...please spare me. I hate these lame attempts by white liberals to lump themselves in with ethnic minorities so they can feel equally oppressed.


      Poor white people, like most people, are indeed oppressed by the fat cats. But there are lots of people who are even more oppressed.

      Man, that guy who calls Rock and Chappelle wannabe obviously knows shit about comedy. Rock came first.


      Ugh, I think people have a right to upset at such a comment but most of those examples just add fuel to the fire and are even more ignorant than the original tweet.

    • V-nice

      How is the original tweet ignorant? At the time the Declaration was written, blacks were equivalent to livestock.

    • http://gurpcitysouth.com Foulio

      Yeah I'm really unclear about what people think is ignorant about that tweet. It's a mere statement of fact. Black people were not free at the time America became independent from England. It was written into law in the constitution that black people were 3/5 of a person. Those responses are merely the reactions of racist people trying to justify their own hate. I mean "stupid negro... racist fucker"? In one sentence? It's as ignorant as it is self explanatory.

    • scorp

      Chris Rock speaks the truth - July 4th was indpendence day for Wealthy, land owning white men.

      not women, not slaves, not native americans, and not poor white men in this country as indentured servants etc...... its a fact.....but i guess folks don't want to believe it so they attack chris rock instead with highly racist comments.

      this country is racist! that is fact too!

    • JMadinez

      I don't understand how that tweet is ignorant either or why people should somehow deserve to be upset by it. It's a matter of historical fact that my people, black people, were held as slaves when the declaration of independence was signed. We were livestock. It didn't apply to us. And even after the civil war ended, even after the 13th and 14th amendment were ratified, there were systems put into place like convict leasing, like peonage, like tenant farming that were designed to effectively enslave us. We were regularly beaten, mutilated, burned and strung up and our assailants rarely faced any legal consequences. And that sort of thing persisted well into the mid 20th century. No shots at anyone in particular. If you're on this website, you're probably a hip-hop head and therefore you're probably pretty cool (but you should know better). I'm not trying to live anywhere else. Yada yada yada. I'm just saying, independence day just doesn't mean the same thing for a lot of blacks and other people of color that it seems to mean for most white folks.

    • Peter Bohm

      Quote by Chris Rock is a truthful commentary. Some of the emails criticizing and attacking his quote and him show sadly how alive racism still is today.

    • Stunned

      The comment had an underlying sneer and he knew what was going to come of it. Some people are never happy. Why would you continue to speak about how you want to be on equal planes, yet you're constantly trying to separate yourself. How can it ever unite when you're stuck on division?

    • Joel

      "Quote by Chris Rock is a truthful commentary. Some of the emails criticizing and attacking his quote and him show sadly how alive racism still is today."

      Peter Bohm said what needed to be said.

    • Joel

      JMadinez also said what needed to be said.

    • Kaiser

      He probably said it to remind people about slavery so they pay for more of his shitty anti-white humor. Fuck this dude, lets ship his ass back to Africa and see how much he likes being "culturally enriched". Hope the African lions are hungry this year.

    • http://colbyhopkins.wordpress.com/ Colby

      Follow the twitter handles. Most of the tweets in this article are from fake accounts.

      Chris Rocks tweet shouldn't be upsetting at all. He's point was true and it wasn't hateful.

    • / lucy

      are we allowed to say racism continues? because we are still suffocating under england's (the wests) genetic stereotypisation and the allocation of different life standards, depending on your genes? i.e. people with dark eyes / hair/ skin are scary and bad but if you look like what the NAZIs were saying - you are automatically happier, freer, more successful? when did england become a Nazi state? and wait, Aryans have more feminine gender too??? but only money, oil, happiness and confidence can be stolen!!!!! ...? confused England!! need answers!!!!!

    • Ian Robinson

      Seems that the ones who have a problem with the tweet have problems with blacks in the first place and just using this as a way to express their hatred and make it someone else's fault. As for the "white girl" not wanting to listen to him again... has she ever HEARD his material before?

    • bboycult

      Haha....why were all of those white american aryan racists "following" Chris Rocks "tweets" in the first place!?! Haha...The world is crazy yo! Stay low and keep firing Chris!

    • Bunnyhugs

      stan chaz & Stunned win.

    • Bunnyhugs

      And one more thing, the Independence of this country paved the way for freeing the slaves. If it weren't for a whole lot of white people clearing seeing how wrong it was, and having the courage to stand up to the system to change it, they still wouldn't be free. White people have died trying to help blacks achieve both freedom and equality. It is such a slap in the face to continue to lump every white person into the same group as the greedy slave traders, plantation owners and racist bigots.

    • Matt

      Fuck all y'all anyways.

    • http://ijsweeit.blogspot.com Bleggy

      The way I see it, I saw the tweet as funny but true. It was one of those 'half-joking' moments. I think the responses highlight the racism not only in America, but in the Western world...

    • bboycult

      All jokes aside...I love (i.e. HATE) how talk about racism is no longer 'allowed' in controlled public discourse. I'll make this deal, racists...I will no longer discuss old/ancient racism, you are absolutely right; it's time to move on. But this current/modern racism IS FAIR FUCKING GAME, deal?
      Hipster Racism
      Make My Day Laws
      Kenneth Chamberlain Sr. (he accidentally pushed HIS OWN medic alert bracelet!?!...fuck you White Plains NY)
      Arizona/Alabama (for my latinos)
      Georgia (for my middle eastern bredren)
      Birthers/Tea Party/Fox News/Murdoch Empire

      You are absolutely right Independence and Freedom is something we can all find common ground to celebrate; but after that....we have MUCH to discuss mothafuckas!

    • Winston

      C.R. is a political, thought provoking comic with agendas behind every comment/joke. Two wrongs never make it right. The reactions are 10x worse than Chris's initial comment. Not the best way to show things have changed. We need to do better.

    • Yourallprejudice

      Everyone in the world is predjudiced one way or another. Quit crying you pussy! Fuck allyou chinks,shylock jews, crackers, honkeys, niggers, spearchuckers,spades, waps,degos,pollacks, hagi sand niggas, nazi fucks. Fuck the whole human race.

    • Yourallprejudice

      NigggggggA Please

    • Boss hogg

      Truth hurts, and I don't care if whirs get offended.. TRUTH hurts bitches

    • Holmes

      I dare anyone to tell me that he was lying, He ONLY stated the FACTS. Deal with it

    • Eugenio Garza Rios

      Hey, I think it was a good joke... The funniest and saddest thing is that he spoke nothing but truth, but the most disgusting thing here: the same people that accused him of being racist while saying "white people made you rich", or "go back to where you came from see how much they pay you for your jokes", etc., were being EXTREMELY racist. If it were my choice, I´d send all caucasian americans back to England where they came from and leave U.S.A. to the Native Americans, true heirs of the land between the great lakes and the Bravo River.

    • Me

      That's some racist stuff right there. Not all White People came from England, dude.

    • Set To Reflect

      Only stupid people such as yourself believe in his warped version of the truth. This dumbass acts like he himself was a slave. Was he? No. Deal with it.

    • Anthony Kemp

      Chis rock can probably ship your ass back to Germany

    • John D. Fiat

      Who made the U.S. and the world what it is? I'm part American Indian, but come on, who invented everything. Without Caucasians, you'd all still be living in mud huts!