1. Chopped Herring Records Rap Mix for Carhartt WIP Radio Show by Mr Sonny James & Matthew Law (Illvibe Collective) (AUDIO).


    Track List:

    Intro by Mr Sonny James & Matthew Law (of Illvibe Collective)
    Von Love - "Brain Stormin'" (Produced by L.A. Kid) [1988]
    Bahamadia - "Funk Vibe" (Produced by Darrin Ross) [1993]
    ChillXWill - "911 ft. BriskInTheHouse" (Produced by Figub Brazlevic) [2014]
    Your Old Droog - "Free Turkey" (Produced by RTNC) [2014]
    Da Buze Bruvaz - "Dos Equis" (Produced by Jisah) [2015]
    Timeless Truth - "Wavelength" (Produced by Large Professor) [2016]
    Stetsasonic - "Check Da Styles" (Produced by Bobby Simmons) [1994]
    Zigg Zagg - "Touch Da Sun" (Produced Mighty Maestro) [1994]
    Acton Bronson - "Get Off My P. P." (Produced by Tommy Mas) [2011]
    Slipmat Brothers & Penpals - "Swift With The Rhyme" (Produced by Slipmat Brothers) [2016]
    Shadez of Brooklyn - "Everyday Livin'" (Produced by Da Beatminerz) [1996]
    Masta Ace - "Jack B Nimble (Original Version)" (Produced by Masta Ace) [1992]
    Phase n Rhythm - "The Force Of The Matrix" (Produced by Phase n Rhythm & Paul C) [1987]
    Action Bronson & Party Supplies - "9-24-11" (Produced by Party Supplies) [2012]
    Horror City - "Tattles Tale" (Produced by Prince Paul) [1995]
    Meyhem Lauren - Queens (Produced by J-Love) [2010]
    Doz Funky Baztardz - "Master Plan" (Produced by Ernst Dimanche) [1995]
    Shadez of Brooklyn - "Change" (Produced by Mr Walt) [1996]
    Natural Elements - "I Got Your Heart" (Produced by Charlemagne) [1995]
    Slipmat Brothers & Penpals - "STFU (Remix)" (Produced by Slipmat Brothers) [2016]
    Killa Kidz - "City of Panic" (Radio Version) (Produced by Prince A.D.) [1997]
    MC Gels - "Back 2 94" (Produced by Chief Rugged) [2016]
    Prodigy - "Catchin Bodies" (Produced by Kerwin Young) [1993]
    Masta Ace - "The Younger Generation" (Produced by Outloud) [1992]
    D-Stroy ft. DJ Tony Touch - "Off The Wall" (Produced by D-Stroy) [1994]
    ChillXWill - "Nickel Plated" (Produced by Mister Izm) [2014]
    J.V.C.F.O.R.C.E. - "Fun" (Produced by J.V.C.F.O.R.C.E.) [1992]
    Meyhem Lauren - "Aggressive Metal" (Produced by Seth Silencer) [2016]
    Grizzly Gato - "Dedicated" (Produced by Grizzly Grimace) [2016]

    [Via carhartt-wip ]

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