1. Chi Ali — "A Million" (MUSIC VIDEO).


    Chi knows exactly how Jay-Z felt back in '97 with e'rybody asking questions.

    "...Dog, I just finished doin' 12 years surrounded by sergeants and lieutenants/ Now, I’m surrounded by frauds that’s in this business/ That rap hard, but they soft and so timid/ Lawd, give me the strength to deal with this fake shit/ 'Cause I’m just too real/ So when a rapper says, 'Call me,' I do and he ignore me/ After he showed love as soon as he saw me/ It annoys me/ Might say it’s common practice/ He said the rap game is filled with a lot of actors/ I’m used to dealin' with official cats/ They miss your call and they hit you back/ They say they gonna give you something then they give you that/ And if they not gonna do somethin' then they tell you that/ It’s so simple...."

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • ri067953

      Sounds like someone got they feelings hurt and is a bit salty???