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    Born in Chicago in 2012, Cherries Records carries all the credentials you’d expect from a label focused on the sounds of modern funk. Label co-founder Andrew Brearley (a/k/a Cermakk ; a/k/a Galapagos4 affiliated hip-hop producer Meaty Ogre ) got his education in good grooves via his many years in the record digging/dealing game. His wife and business partner DJ Shred One is part of SF’s Sweater Funk collective and grew up being tested on Earth Wind & Fire album credits by her older siblings. Now doing business in the County of Kings, the 45-focused Cherries has won endorsements from the likes of Just Blaze, DJ Spinna, Q-Tip and other folks with great taste. Here, Brearly and Shred One share their story in words and music by Cermakk & Doug Shorts, Tony Ozier, Benjamin, Amalia, Proh Mic and more.

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