1. Chali 2na: Not Just An Emcee, But A Renaissance Man (GALLERY).


    Move over Picasso, not  Nacho but Pablo, there's a new artiste in town. He's the size of a power forward and can show up any emcee this side of 1998. Turns out that Chali 2na , the verbal Herman Munster, longtime member of L.A. hip-hop troupe Jurassic 5, and founder of Ozomatli, can also get down with acrylic.

    Chali recently had his first ever art exhibition at Mr. MusicHead gallery in L.A. And besides paint, it turns out he also has a mean eye for 2natography (his take on Instagram). ABOVE: 2na at work, scaled for your convenience.


    [via Chali2na ]

    Not sure if this is Chali 2na's take on a slowly eroding "Land of the Free," or if it's Uncle Sam's much older brother Crypt. Still, check out that star design.

    Is Chali thinking of going "holy mackerel" on us?


    There's something inexplicably dirty about the word "manphibian," but Mr. Manphibian himself makes it work here. And even used this painting to accompany his single "Against The Current."

    If we got around as much as the 2na does, we'd almost be fulfilled people. Chali sells all of his 2natography online , for all your art enthusiasts out there.

    2na eats his own kind.

    Hip-hop ancestor. The first coming of the 2na?

    Chali knows how to drop bombs.

    From dope rap lines, to dope sketch lines.

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  2. You might wanna peep...

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      them artworks look like they smell of fish. :P