1. Live On the Mix From Madrid.

    Last Saturday here in Madrid, where I’ve been doing some work the past week or so for my friends at Red Bull Music Academy, there was an event at Matadero – the converted slaughterhouse turned arts and performance complex that houses this year’s RBMA – entitled “Open Session.” Basically, like the title suggests it was a public event where interested locals could roll thru and check out the sort of things that go on behind RBMA’s otherwise largely private walls. After my pal Egon of Now Again Records and I did a lecture-type discussion about our careers that was so awesome it more or less emptied the room, they asked us to DJ. In other words, another chance to empty an even larger room. Using a Function 1 system, no less. Here’s my set from the night.

    Just to give you some context, I started playing for this crowd of maybe a few hundred folks milling about drinking cocktails and soaking in the ill biosphere-like vibe of the Academy grounds after the guy before me got done playing super mellow ambient stuff. The volume was so low I don’t know why they even asked this poor motherfucker to spin. It stayed low during my set despite my efforts to blast the monitor (because I’m going deaf), and turn every possible knob on the mixing console all the way to the right. Later, I found out there was some sort of event at the performance space next door, so we actually weren’t allowed to turn the shit up till they were done. Of course, moments after I finished and Mark Pritchard and Om Unit got on after me, everything got way louder and the crowd got crazy buck, and the shit turned into a rave and whatnot. So my dubby-ish, laid back set – which features some Jamaican favorites, and a couple of exclusives on the classics-remixed tip from one of my esteemed colleagues, the Funky Man, Lord Finesse – was strictly on some warm up shit. But I think it came out sorta okay. Anyway, hope youse digs it.

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