1. Chairman Mao:
    Across 135th Street – “Enjoy Rap Music
    (And Beats)” (AUDIO).

    New RBMA Radio show of rap music – as well as rap music sans the rap. Actually, I put this one together some time ago but it’s only now gone live so the “new”-ness may be relative vis a vis Interwebz time. If you follow music posts on this editorial space you’ll be familiar with a gang of this stuff (e.g. Apollo Brown ft. Roc Marci, Hus Kingpin, Meyhem Lauren & Buckwild, Yahzeed etc.). But there’s also an as yet unheard track from De La/Dilla conspirator Supa Dave West ‘s forthcoming instrumental LP and other stuff that just sounded good together to these ears. As per usual peep the gallery for art while you listen. Enjoy!

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