1. Chairman Mao:
    Across 135th Street – Moody Blue Note (AUDIO).

    Latest episode of my RBMA Radio show is on some contemplative autumn-daylight-getting-scarcer type ish: a few selections from the Blue Note Records catalog. Not talking about the classic funkier stuff from Alfred Lion’s legendary label – which has been compiled and mixed over the decades ad infinitum (hop off the Lou Donaldson’s Hot Dog for the moment). Here are just a few personal favorites in a slightly moodier mode to crunch the leaves beneath your feet to (with one concession to sample spotting for KMD Black Bastards fans). Audio and additional words below. As usual feel free to hit up the gallery to check out the lovely LP art as you listen. Enjoy!

    RBMA Radio:

    Surveys of the Blue Note Records catalog tend to tap the legendary jazz label’s groundbreaking convergences with the genre’s giants, or explore the tunes championed by DJs and producers in 80s and 90s in pursuit of jazz dance floor rhythms and Blue breakbeats to sample. On the latest episode of Across 135th Street, host Jeff ‘Chairman’ Mao opts for a more meditative approach. Here are a handful and a half of personal favorites from the likes of longtime Coltrane timekeeper Elvin Jones , star-crossed trumpeter Lee Morgan , alto sax all-star Jackie McLean , the ever-exploratory and inventive Herbie Hancock and others; tracks representative of the creative fire of Blue Note’s classic mid/late 60s sound yet which also beautifully capture reflective and transitional moods as the music evolved beyond hard bop.

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