1. Chairman Mao:
    Across 135th Street - "Summer Mix" (AUDIO).


    PHOTO: Charles Le Brigand.

    New RBMA Radio mix for your warm weather listening and *Extra P voice* just hangin' ooouut pleasure: soul, vintage & modern funk, disco, house and other fine sounds I picked up in recent times. More info below. And as per usual, hit up the gallery for song art/images for every track played on the show as you listen.

    RBMA Radio:

    The accompaniment to balmy daze greets your ear canals in the form of the latest ep of Jeff(erson) Mao’s “Across 135th Street.” Soul, disco, boogie, modern funk and more in store: from Ned Doheny ’s OG demo of a Chaka Khan-covered classic (with AWB backing) through diversions into Egyptian Lover -assisted Vocoder goodness, remix king Kon ’s take on a son of Monk classic, a lost Peter Brown / Patrick Adams -produced ode to lean uptown eats, Floating Points ’ royal house, House of Spirits ’ Risco gospel connection, and some Slave gone dranktafied low rider Screw-iness from N8NOFACE . Warm up, cool off - dowhatchulike.

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    • Colin Shmokin Webster

      Splendid. 8-)