1. Chairman Mao:
    Across 135th Street –
    Heart Full of Reggae Covers (AUDIO).

    New RBMA Radio mix of soulful reggae covers for Valentine’s Day . Maybe you heard the mix from last year , which was more on the ’80s UK lovers rock tip. This one features material from a bit earlier, ’60s and ’70s, by largely JA artists (and you can tell because some of the records are in seriously Jamaican condition – high bacon frying quotient on Cynthia Richards’ “Clean Up Woman” in particular). Yeah, I know, Valentine’s Day is a drag. That’s why I like to include tunes about heartbreak, pain and emotional devastation in these mixes because all that straight up love stuff gets bleh. (Sidenote: I had a bad cold when I recorded this so excuse the fact that I sound even worse on the mic than usual during the talkover section; this is also why I forgot the name of the Chi-Lites record Jacob Miller covered (it’s “Stoned Out of My Mind” goddammit) and said “Little Scotty” when I meant “Little Sport” – I know, excuses excuses…) Check out record artwork in the gallery and more blah-blah-blah below too. Anyways, enjoy it with someone you love – or hate!

    RBMA Radio:

    Another season of poison arrow target practice is upon us. Thus, another special Valentine’s Day mix of soulful reggae covers – the romantic, the heartbroken and everything in between – from the crates of “Across 135th Street” resident selector, Chairman Jefferson Mao. This time around we rewind to sounds from the 60s and 70s live and direct from the strongest island of all, Jamaica. From Paris Connection’s version of the Isleys ’ infatuation anthem “That Lady” through Horace Andy ’s reading of George McCrae ’s Miami bump n’ hustle staple “Rock Your Baby” through Norma White ’s Chic rendition of the Rodgers/Edwards disco classic “I Want Your Love” and Hortense Ellis and Lloyd Charmers ’ take on the Stylistics ’ break-up standard “You Are Everything” you’re covered. Let love rule or roast, as long as the riddim hit ’em.


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