1. Chairman Mao:
    Across 135th Street -
    Enjoy Rap Music 2 (AUDIO).


    New episode of my RBMA Radio show is up - this time featuring varied selections of excellent rap music. If you're a follower of the new music posts in this editorial space you may already be familiar with a number of these tracks. In addition there are some things that have not previously appeared here - by Nickelus F & Shawn Kemp, Paten Locke, Eddie Cheeba & the P Brothers, Ahkatari, and Skipp Coon ; the last of whom's "ruremarm" in light of recent events, sadly still possesses every bit of its initial immediacy as when Miles Garvey dropped in August shortly after Michael Brown's death. Listen below and read on for more info; art for each track posted in the gallery as well.

    From RBMA:

    On the latest episode of “Across 135th Street,” host Chairman Jeff(erson) Mao discerningly surveys the rap music landscape of recent days/weeks/months and emerges with a program that balances stylistic and thematic diversity with some semblance of sonic cohesion. (In other words, it flows.) Richmond, VA’s Nickelus F and Shawn Kemp (a/k/a Lil Ugly Mane) and D.C. Beltway brethren Diamond District address slackerdom and creative ambition from different ends of the motivational spectrum. Jackson, Mississippi (a/k/a Jafrica) political firebrand Skipp Coon unleashes a characteristically smoldering diatribe. Run the Jewels’ gleeful cynicism gives way to the wisdom that leak from Your Old Droog’s grapefruit, troop. As Ka analyzes and humanizes his past street transgressions, RAST RFC revels in drug game excess, while Freddie Gibbs stands his ground in the face of the next Ferguson-esque tragedy. Necessary diversions follow in Paten Locke’s dusted Blastmaster booyaka-fueled psyche beats and Ahkatari’s rude boy rework, and conclude with Homeboy Sandman’s holiday admission that he doesn’t feel like he fits in with anyone – i.e. his family, the rap scene, nor his family’s expectations of him as part of the rap scene. He fits in this show fine, though. Enjoy the rap music, peoples!


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