1. Across 135th Street Vol. 35: Still Doin’ It.

    Earlier this year I wrote in this “BLOGZ” space that I was going to turn over a new leaf and be more diligent in recording my Red Bull Music Academy radio show, “Across 135th Street,” knocking our programs every month, or at least very nearly. For various reasons that may or may not have involved crying infants and toddlers it hasn’t exactly worked out that way. Vol. 34 dropped in January. Vol. 35 dropped in… September – and I’m only now getting around to notifying anybody left that still has any vague interest in it, that the show is up. In other words, we’re just a little bit behind schedule. But as the saying goes, better so-late-you-almost-forgot-it-existed than never. Or something like that.

    Further complicating matters for fans of consistency is the fact that the latest edition of the show is stylistically all over the place. There is some rap. But it ain’t exactly all rappity-rappy and whatnot. In fact there are significant stretches when no one raps, and songs play out in their near entirety. In the great words of Flavor Flav, that’s just the way the story goes. Maybe I’ll do some rappity-rap shit next time (I’ve determined that Rodney O & Joe Cooley are underrated and the situation requires addressing). Or not. At this rate, who knows if or when there will be a next time. We’re living in a time of great uncertainty and imbalance in the world, and this show’s erratic scheduling/programming is a direct reflection of this global instability.

    I actually wholly endorse every note of music in this 2-hour mix – from Onra’s punchy remix of Al B. Sure (which I meant to include on a show last year) to the Stepkids’ lovely sunshine-y pop to the “emotional house” (as it’s amusingly yet accurately categorized in iTunes) of Danny Berman/Hot Coins/Red Rack’em’s “In Love Again.” This, even though it seems like I’m doing everything in my power to get you not to listen to the program. One of these days I’ll get my shit together. In the mean time listen below. Playlist below that. Enjoy.


    Adad & Illmind – Wishful Thoughts (All Natural)
    Just-Ice – Lyric Licking (Fresh)
    Beautiful Swimmers – Open Shadow (Soft Rocks Dub) (Future Times)
    J Rocc – Untitled (Stones Throw)
    DJ Format – Mr. JD (B-Boy Mix) (Project Blue Book)
    Shabazz Palaces – Recollections Of The Wrath (Sub Pop)
    Al B. Sure – Nite & Day (Onra Edit) (White Label)
    Rodney O & Joe Cooley – DJs & MCs (Egyptian Empire)
    Phill Most Chill – Phill Most Chill Is Great (DWG)
    Mantronix – Jamming On The Groove (Sleeping Bag)
    Hypnotic Brass Ensemble – Pluto (Choice Cuts)
    Fat Albert Einstein w/ Yo-Yo Mob – Fuge In D(Illa) Minor (NA)
    K-Def – Times Change (Redefinition)
    Has Lo – Build Jewelz (Mello Music Group)
    Willie Evans Jr. – Moon Foot (High Water Music)
    Willie Evans Jr. feat. Paten Locke – Dumbtron (High Water Music)
    Slum Village – Bounce With A N*gga (Ne’astra)
    The Pendletons – Coming Down (Slept On)
    Back Street Band – Shake (Jenk-Al-Ron/PPU)
    Eddie Russ – Stop It Now (Monument)
    Konk – Konk Party/Uptown Breakdown (Celluloid)
    Brass Construction – Now Is Tomorrow (John’s M&M Mix) (BBE)
    Raw Soul Express – Musical Meditation (Cat)
    Universal Robot Band – Disco Boogie Woman (Panther)
    Brass Construction – Top Of The World (UA)
    Theo Parrish – Lake Shore Drive (Sound Signature)
    Mandre – M3000 (Opus Vi) (Foolish Felix & Nick The Record Edit) (Rush Hour)
    Des Andres – As We Rock On (Spills)
    Red Rack’em – In Love Again (Bergerac)
    The Stepkids – Shadows On Behalf (Stones Throw)
    Rasheed Chappell – Stay Sharp (Kay-Dee)
    B(lu) – Doowhop (Nature Sounds)
    Oddisee feat. Yu – Still Doing It (Mello Music Group)
    Elzhi feat. Will Sessions – The World Is Yours (Fat Beats)
    Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson – Your Daddy Loves You (Live) (TVT)

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