1. CeeLo Is Already Celebrating Christmas With Sexy Helpers in Red Underwear & Skateboarding Santas.

    It wasn’t even close to Christmas (but it was close to Halloween) when CeeLo Green dropped his “Silent Night” single down your proverbial chimneys. And all through the video, not one vixen kept her clothes on, not even a blouse. This early stocking stuffer does not have CeeLo dressed as Sandy Claws (we know, major let down), but it does have Playboy model types skipping round alleys in crimson undies (in slo-mo, no less), so not all is lost.

    If you wasn’t planning on getting Mr. Green’s Xmas album, perhaps news that he has duets with Christina Aguilera, Rod Stewart, and The Muppets on there might change your mind.

    [Via Rap-Up ]

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