1. Castle –
    Return of the Gasface
    (The Has-Lo Passages)


    Cool project here. Emcee/producer Castle ‘s Gasface LP of last year remixed in its entirety by fellow emcee/producer Has-Lo . Return of the Gasface (The Has-Lo Passages) finds Castle’s lyrics equal parts introspection and self-deprecating humor (“Lighten Up”: “It’s tough to get a grip when your blood, sweat and tears keep your fingertips slick/ Reality bites just as sure as it’ll slip/ That’s some free advice/ The next one’s got a price/ And don’t be stingy with the tip”). Has’ trackwork provides strong support from the Carpenters-esque orchestral flourishes of the opening “Chateau” through the melancholy synth lines of “Todd Shaw” (as in “life too short”) and the dusty chops of “Clever Bunny.” Listen below and hit the “buy” widget to support.

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