1. Cassette Tape Scratchin' Looks Like Fun (VIDEO).


    Ladies and germs, The ScrubBoard .

    Jeremy Bell says: I thought you guys might like to check out this video of my little home-brewed audio tape gizmo. I built this with parts from a couple of old Sony Walkmen, a couple strips of audio tape, and a 2 by 4. It's basically a very crude version of this design I've been developing, which is supposed to provide a new kind of interface for turntablists, for a more experimental approach to "scratching."

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    UPDATE: Added these two per the suggestions of Mark Bijasa & Ciaran Wilkinson... Thanks...

    [Via FACT . h/t cratesofjr ]

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • 93kid

      Painful to watch. Google DJ Ruthless Ramsey instead.