1. Shiznit We Slept On: Cartoons, Beats & Weird Remixes by Salted Ham Super Show (2008).


    What we have here is… uh… ah… um…. what in the hell do we have here anyways? In the same vein as this strange Family Matters mindfuck , the following batch of weird videos created by YouTube user SALTEDHAMSUPERSHOW were picked out of over a hundred clips (each one more bizarre than the previous one). Equally totally random, odd and subversive, they combine chopped up cartoons like Jem and various Japanimation with some pretty bangin' music (including KMD and Count Bass D) to make something that will undoubtedly leave a majority of the people who see them say WTF? But for those adventurous enough to take the risk, we can guarantee that if you watch the first two vids you will see Doom pop up out of nowhere. Take the risk...if you dare...


    "MF Doom Gets Medication For His Illness"

    Peculiarly titled, this really has less to do with Doom's mental health (or his ill skills) and way more to do with a wickedly perverse re-doing of '80s cartoon for girls Jem .

    "MF Doom Talks To His Therapist"

    Really just KMD's "Who Me?" on loop. And really kinda addictive.

    Count Bass D — "Blue for Percy Carey"

    Synching Dwight Spitz's fantastic "Blues for Percy Carey" with a snippet of the "Ladies First" segment from the 1974 animated TV special Free to Be... You and Me , turns out surprisingly fresh.


    More children's programming set to some far-out music. (And you can count on something weird happening at some point.)

    Dust Devil — "D-Code"

    This is probably the most normal of all the entries. The promo theme for the cable network Adult Swim (a remix of "Mambo Gallego") goes quite nicely with highlights from the series FLCL .

    Cursor Miner — "Salt Solution"

    Actually, this one is probably the most accessible of all 'em. Sounds like Beck but it ain't.

    "Some Samples"

    Anime credit music segues into a bit of The Go! Team. Cool.



    "Focus Your Magic"

    He-Man on steroids or shrooms or both. Probably both.

    "Hip Rotation"

    Sudden instructional video is a hoot.

    (Props to ‪ SALTEDHAMSUPERSHOW .‬)

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