1. Cappadonna — “Baby Mommas” (MUSIC VIDEO).

    When it comes to his baby mamas, Cappadonna has got nuttin’ but love for ’em like Heavy D. So we learn from the Papi Wardrobe King’s latest single off his Eyrth, Wynd & Fyre double album, which is not only a love song to the mothers of his children but an anthem that Cap says “…is the end of the conflict between baby daddies and babies’ mothers.” If things are truly gonna get better, Donna Cappa Goines is startin’ with the man in the mirror. “I told them other girls y’all come first,” he tells the women who gave birth to his seeds, before continuing: “I love my baby mothers ’cause that’s where my roots be/ Keisha, Star, Shanae, Diana/ I love y’all children like I love my mama/ I’m tryin’ to take care of mine, I don’t need no drama/ I just love my family like my name Obama…” Don’t forget this man when it’s time to vote for Father of the Year. He’s been working overtime.

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