1. Cap Kendricks — Diggin' Through Folders: The Remix Files #1 (AUDIO).


    A rewarding experience from producer Cap Kendricks who has done some rather refreshing remixes of some of your favorite songs by Big L, Biggie, MF Doom, Gravediggaz, Fat Joe, Common and more. Also included is some German and French rap for our international peoples. Enjoy.

    (Props to Julian Golmez)

  2. You might wanna peep...



    1. LyricJunkie

      This is AMAZING...you took some of the baddest, reinvented them and made them even hotter #newaffairwitholdlovers

    2. PE

      Can I get down too?

      MF DOOM "It Ain't Nuttin' (PE's Slanted Remix)" :: https://soundcloud.com/future_past/mf-doom-it-aint-nuttin-remix

      Heather B x M.O.P. "My Kinda (PE's Remix)" :: https://soundcloud.com/future_past/my_kinda_remix

      Biggie "Party & Bullshit II" :: https://soundcloud.com/future_past/party-bullshit-ii

      Biggie x Jay-Z x Li'l Kim "Murder Dem" :: https://soundcloud.com/future_past/murder-dem-featuring-lil-kim

      Phantogram "Fall In Love (PE's Mix)" :: https://soundcloud.com/future_past/fall-in-love-remix

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