1. WATCH: Canibus Rap Battle Meltdown.


    Bloggin' about rap means taking the bad with the bad. Take for instance today. It's Sunday and while we here at egotripland would love nothing more than to partake in what this day was specially made for (nursing hangovers), we got to stop everything to inform those who might have missed it that Canibus ' rap career is even more messed up than people previously thought thanks to a let's say less-than-impressive outing in a rap battle last night. In the following clip...

    ...shot from a laptop screen, but don't worry, it takes nothing away from the uncomfortable awkwardness, Bis holds a notepad with one hand (his other arm is in a sling) reading (with some difficulty) prewrittens that eventually get the crowd restless — but not from excitement. We think there's more to the story, like him forfeiting, but dammit, just watch the fuckin' video and make comments about how much better your life is than Canibus's, that's what the Internetz is for, after all...


    (Via 2Dopeboyz . Props to ‪CaddyOne420‬ for the upload)


    UPDATE: KOTD Presents: Canibus vs. Dizaster (Full Battle)

    "Vendetta: Battle Royale" Live at Exchange LA on Sat. 6.9.12

    (Props to John Sullivan for the upload)

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • http://www.808sandcoffeebreaks.com Ariel Cherie

      This was soooo awkward. Notepad is bad enough, but it was like it was a lunchroom battle lol. He is too old for those rhymes...

    • xripper

      can't even bring myself to watch

    • DEF DINGO (aka The Mack)

      dude has balls to have a notepad

    • Radioactive

      The fact is that most these wack rappers cant even go off the head... the cats are writing lyrics and memorizing pre made lyrics.. and re-used styles.. i cant stand going to these dumb rap battles with no beats and no topics... just dissin eachother... is stupid. Freestyles to me means off the head... lets see judges put up topics and stuff like that.. to make em go off the head... on the spot freestyles... see what we gonna do is just diss all styles!

    • Big Jube

      This is just embarrassing... I agree with Radioactive. But KOTD have cultured a new style and to if think Canibus believed he belonged is a joke. I don't know if this will attract any more careered Emcee's to the arena either..

    • http://twitter.com/adrianslew/status/211943482418397185 @AdrianSlew

      LOL! Peanut Butter Honey Eyes! Peanut Butter Honey Eyes!

    • Ivan the Terrible

      I agree with you Radioactive. Battles have lost there luster to me. I don't even pay attention to them anymore. I choose to remember the good old days when emcee's could go off the top.

    • http://twitter.com/rustymk2 RustyMK2

      This was just bad, man.

      I agree with a lot of what Radioactive said. I hate what 'battling' has become, which is stand-up comedy in the vein of Don Rickles (Who has better jokes than all these battle heads) and spoken-word thrown into a cold rhythmless tortilla, but pulling out a notepad at ANY event like this is an awful look.

      I write a lotta rhymes too, 'Bis, and I make a lotta beats to spit em to. I get the idea of doing so much that you couldn't memorize it, but pulling out a note pad, copping pleas, and the fact that those rhymes weren't even tight is just a baaaaad look.

    • bboycult

      I can't and I won't; watch Eddie Kane Jr. sing in the parking lot... "A Heart, is a house of luuuuvv. And I've learned...."

      I refuse. I'll watch this trainwreck; accidentally catch 2Chainz doing that lanky ass dance on another of his lame ass videos....walk out into the street and hit some snapback wearer in the face w/a brick!?!

      And I don't want to do that today...so I refuse this/I reject this!

    • nev il-pinto

      i got no problem with dudes just dissing each other (i mean thats what a 'battles' about right?) but bringing pre writtens (let alone a fucking notepad) is just too much.

      battles need judges too, im sicking of seeing dudes win crowd judged battles with fucking chino xl or celph titled punchlines

    • TB

      The notebook part isn't even that bad, dude sucked all rounds...

      Canibus is done... RIP

    • David James Robinson

      Put a beat on with 30 second rhymes...like 8 Mile, and I bet Canibus would win.

    • 5thStone

      This is not the format in which 'Bus excels, simple. This is for boisterous teens, not refined lyricists who pull things out of the ether.
      But Canibus should have known that and not put himself in that position.