1. Can We Get a Seoul Clap?

    Now playing in our contributor BLOGZ department: Seoul City’s finest, DJ Soulscapes’s not 1-hr, not 2-hr, not 3-hr, not even 4-hr – but 4-and-a-half-hour(!!!) all-funk n’ soul 45s mix for your extended listening pleasure. Apparently, this super-session was recorded live at a gig last November, so only those who witnessed the marathon can confirm rumors that a respirator may or may not have been involved somewhere around hour three. The quality and breadth of this set will of course come as no surprise to those who’ve heard Soulscape’s masterful past mixes like The Sound of Seoul and its sequel More Sounds of Seoul . The power of Soulscape can’t stop, won’t stop. Please listen to his demolition here.

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