1. Cam’ron Cereal Boxes Hitting NYC Bodegas [GALLERY].

    ( NOTE: Box does not contain cereal. Cam’ron images courtesy of Complex .)

    Virgin Mega says: Cam’ron knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so he created a limited run of Killa Crunch cereal boxes to help his fans start their day. Every Killa Crunch box panel is jam-packed with goonie goodness inspired by the Dipset don. Featuring an “U Mad Lib” and “Dumb Smart” crossword on the back of the box, and a slew of nutritional facts to ensure you’re getting your daily doses of the stuff that’s really good, the Killa Crunch cereal box is the ultimate Cam collectible. To make this sweet cereal setup even sweeter, each box has a special edition Killa Crunch tee shirt inside. Bring Killa to your kitchen by copping your Killa Crunch cereal box and tee shirt through the Virgin Mega app this Monday, 4/13 at 4PM EDT.

    Complex says: Cam’ron is hiding Boxes of “Killa Crunch,” which is based on a concept from Complex ‘s April/May 2014 cover story with Cam’ron and A-Trak, on bodega shelves across New York City starting April 10 through April 12. A few boxes will have a T-shirt and $100 inside. Locations will be unveiled via Virgin Mega’s Twitter [and Instagram ].


    [Via Complex ]

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