1. Busta Rhymes Talks Openly About the Leaders of the New School Break Up (VIDEO).

    Busta Rhymes gets candid with VladTV about the circumstances involving the early ’90s disintegration of Leaders of the New School . With tension already mounting in the crew, Busta’s personal life was rocked with the tragic death of his unborn son followed by the happy arrival of his next child, T’Ziah, in 1993. The rapper was going through a lot — both emotionally and financially — which only caused the rift between him and Charlie Brown to intensify.

    “It was not just the group breaking up, it was how my life was being affected at [the] time,” says Busta. “It was a serious time and I needed money to take care of my family. So [when Leaders broke up] I hated him for that shit because I felt like he was fucking up my way of providing for my child. And it was so serious to me [that] I didn’t want to deal with him for so long.”

    According to Busta, the hurt feelings were mutual. “I remember Brown sayin’, ‘I ain’t fuckin’ with the label that Busta is on.'” It took many years for the two to even greet each other on the phone. But eventually they reconciled.

    Looking back, Busta knows that L.O.N.S. disbanding wasn’t motivated by vendettas. “We just wasn’t gettin’ along,” he says. “And that’s what happens with groups; a lot of groups, it’s hard to survive because there’s so many opinions.”

    The group made a triumphant reunion on stage at this Summer’s Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival. See for yourself what Busta says about the group working together in the future.

    [Via VladTV ]

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