1. Busta Rhymes Couldn't Believe It When He Saw Biggie Giving Away Copies of Ready to Die.


    VladTV checked in with Busta Rhymes and asked him if he thought he had ever been bested on a track by a fellow rapper. "You tell me," was his response. When Biggie's verse on the "Flava in Ya Ear" Remix was brought up, Buss admitted that a case could be made for Big outdoing him, but didn't stop there, sharing a vivid memory of his BK pal: “I watched Biggie give away Ready To Die and thought he was crazy. From his house, dubbing the album on a double cassette deck and had a line in front of his crib on St. James like he was selling the best coke ever. That was like the most illest shit because it was his way of marketing himself."

    But getting back to the topic at hand, Busta reminded everyone that he almost always appears last on collabos and posse cuts (including the classic "Scenario," not to mention Heavy D's "A Bunch of Niggas"), which true hip-hop heads know is a sign of respect.

    [Props to Nah Right ]

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • tl

      he didn't go last in "tha points" song (black panther sdtk). just saying.

    • ole anderson

      hello! hello hi hay how ya doin

    • Mack

      Busta didn't go last in the Points...But he had the best verse..