1. Bushwick Bill Documentary In The Works (VIDEO).


    (Photo: Gregory Bojorquez)

    Filmmaker Greg Roman has three years of footage of the Geto Boys rapper.

    Bushwick tells Pitchfork : "I’ve never had a big personality. I’m an introvert unless I’ve been drinking or something. Being short, I believe people looked and stared at me my whole life before I ever got on stage and rapped. If I was someone of "normal height" I would probably be like those people in Marvel Comic movies where they’re obscure and no one notices them until they have some kind of power, which I guess is what music does. Now it’s not 'look at the short guy,' it’s 'It’s Bushwick Bill!’"

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    [Read the rest of the Bushwick Bill interview by Shawna Kenney over at Pitchfork ]

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