1. Bumpy Knuckles &
    DJ Wayne Ski – "New York Where You At?!?" (AUDIO).


    Freddie Foxx returns with the "old man" raps, screaming on these rappers who ain't doin' their job and are steady takin' L's. (Props for the Mitch "Blood" Green photo.)

    "....Fuck money, tight clothes, and fashion/ When you clowns ain't got no passion..."

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • bboycult

      Haaaa! "My new street name is Wreck Shit!" (c) FOXX

      HipHop is the best shit 4ever...if you ain't it/you don't see it/you don't get it!
      Crumbs is out here weak on a daily and stay getting disrespected.....that's why the mainstream won't EVER come back to strong shit like this....'Village Niggas' (c) GHOSTFACE -don't want to go back to getting slapped in Manhattan; for rappin!

    • jrocket

      They goin N fa real, it's sad that undergound catz that got bars don't get shine, like I just came across this cat from Detroit. http://www.youtube.com/realmontess
      Dope...dope. yo