1. Gotta Stay Fly: Great Moments in Bug-Eating History

    Last week the Internets bugged the eff out when Tyler the Creator of hip-hop nihilists and critical darlings Odd Future debuted his self-directed “Yonkers” music video – a stark, moody, B&W performance piece highlighted by the talented young rapper/producer’s act of devouring a large cockroach on camera. Though Tyler’s display of intestinal fortitude may have been intended as anarchic (he also vomits, disses other rappers, and hangs himself at the video’s conclusion), it actually makes him a traditionalist. That’s because bug-eating has enjoyed a storied history in the annals of popular culture and the arts.

    Peep our presentation of Great Moments In Bug-Eating History, and see if you don’t agree: it is, has, and always will be, a buggy bug world…

    I. A classic outtake from Apocalypse Now (1979). Bald-head Marlon Brando’s improvisation takes an unexpected dramatic turn when he swallows a bug.

    II. Raiders of the Lost Ark bad guy Belloq was so obsessed with baller blocking Indiana Jones, he doesn’t even flinch when swallowing a gnat .

    III. Nicholas Cage smokes a roach in Vampire’s Kiss (1988)… not what you think.

    IV. 2 million youtube views, yet it remains a mystery why this news reporter turns into Richard Pryor the instant he ingests an insect.

    V. The TV news cameras were rollin’ when Ludacris accidentally swallowed a fly in May 2010…

    VI. “Breakfast on the fly” – Today Show , May 2010.

    VII. A fly going in down under, July 2010. Miss Australia can spit.

    VIII. Tyler the Creator – “Yonkers” (2011). The Odd Future of buggin’ out.

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