1. Bryant Dope ft. Perrion & Joey Bada$$ – "New World Order." (AUDIO)


    Spotted this over at 2DopeBoyz. This is an all-NYC, Black Noi$e -produced collabo between three young cats doing their thing in this here rap game: Bryant Dope representing Queens, Perrion from up in Harlem, and Joey Bada$$ reppin' BK to the fullest. We've covered Joey before , he's a kid that sounds wise beyond his years. Kinda curious to hear from the older heads (as well as everyone else) what they think about this atmospheric track. Listen to it after the jump...

    [Props to 2DopeBoyz ]

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • James

      First rapper reminds me of Phife Dawg. Beat is pretty dope; excuse the pun.

    • bboycult

      This reminds me of cat's that I knew back in 95'; that was just flowing and making beats, trying to put together a demo...and that is a supreme compliment.

      What's sad is how many demo songs like this never got listened to back in 95' and in 2012 this comes off like a herald of Galactus!