1. Wallpaper Your Home To Look Like Mike D’s Brooklyn Crib. (GALLERY)

    As if anyone needed further proof that the Beastie Boys will always be the coolest, here’s the writing on the wall. Or rather, here’s the wallpaper that’s off the wall. Mike D commissioned Brooklyn’s Flavor Paper to interpret a traditional French Country wall pattern with a distinctly Brooklyn twist. When we caught wind of this inventive homage to the Borough of Kings, we were excited not simply to peep how the other half lives, but we actually get to see what Mike D’s commode looks like (and boy is it fancy ).

    Writes Design Bureau:

    “The result of this collaboration is French Country toile reinvented: an authentic vignette of Brooklyn life represented as delicate, hand-drawn sketches. From far off, the print looks like traditional depictions of French pastoral scenes, but a closer look reveals illustrations of Coney Island and Notorious B.I.G. The images of Hasidic Jews and graffiti-laden subways poetically and candidly capture life in the King’s borough.”

    The cool news is that you don’t have to be a Beastie Boy to outfit your crib like one. But it don’t come cheap. The cost to be so boss begins at $8 sq/ft with a 100 sq/ft minimum order from Flavor Paper
    [ Design Bureau ]

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