1. BRKER —
    Welcome Believers: The Aura of Captain Murphy Mix (AUDIO).

    Instead of joining a cult listen to this mix inspired by the musical madness that is Captain Murphy . This is for those who like Shabazz Palaces , Toro Y Moi , DJ Shadow , Radiohead , and of course, Flying Lotus .

    BRKER says: In my opinion, the Captain Murphy LP was one of last year’s best albums. So when I herd the news that the amazing Mr. Lamar acquired all the new Captain Murphy beats for himself …. it was bitter sweet. I’m putting out this mix for the Captain Murphy fans to help cope with this new development, and the possible loss of this 2nd album. I made this mix a year ago for some friends who didn’t really know anything about hip-hop. They enjoyed the Captain Murphy project so I decided to make a mix that was hip-hop based; and captures the essence/aura of the first Captain Murphy LP. Thank you for stopping by and enjoy.

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