1. Watch Brian Jackson’s
    Red Bull Music Academy Lecture (VIDEO).

    I recently had the honor of hosting Mr. Brian Jackson ‘s lecture at the Red Bull Music Academy in Paris. Best known as Gil Scott-Heron ‘s longtime producing/songwriting/performing partner on a series of essential albums that covered a large swath of the ’70s – from Pieces of a Man through 1980 – Brian’s compositions and instrumental accompaniment provided the crucial musical platform for Gil’s lyrical brilliance on numerous classics. That’s Brian dropping the indelible Fender Rhodes chords that open “The Bottle” and “Home Is Where the Hatred Is,” conversing on Moog with Gil’s vocals on “We Almost Lost Detroit,” and riffing on flute on “Winter In America.” In addition to some live Rhodes and flute demos, Brian candidly discusses the evolution of his partnership with Gil – from fellow Lincoln University undergrads hoping to change the world with their work to their eventual split and Gil’s battle with drug addiction. Bonus moment during the Q&A (@ 1:18:53): Underground Resistance’s Mike Banks, a member of the RBMA studio team this year, discussing the aforementioned “We Almost Lost Detroit’s” impact on listeners in the Motor City back in the day. Enjoy.

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