1. New artwork...finally.


    I recently contributed an original piece at HVW8 Gallery in Los Angeles; part of the group show “We Was Them Kids” which featured friends ‘n’ faves Parra, Geoff McFetridge, Kevin Lyons, and more. The 13'x13" untitled piece is an artifact from an unknown time; a worn and weathered record sleeve from some B-boy anthem of the future (and no, it's not LL Cool J). What does it all mean? I dunno, but I'm pretty happy with it.

    A signed edition of 25 giclée prints are now available...

    They look badass… much thanks to Zeke at Mighty Printing! I havent done any print editions for a while, but it feels good. I hope to offer more.

    COP IT!

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Joel

      Just beautiful Brent. Brilliant piece of art that combines futurism with 80's b-boy style.

    • egotrip

      Brent says "Awww, thanks!" <--He's corny like that.