1. BREAKING! What Was Missing From TIME Magazine's Breast-Feeding Cover?


    Usually, breastfeeding is no big deal. It's been going on since the beginning of time and it’s gonna go ahead ’til somebody up there turns off the lights on this small planet. (Can you dig it?) But, as we learned today on The Twitter, enjoying a nice warm cup of Mother's Milk can draw attention when it's coming from a 26-year-old mom directly to her 3-almost-4-year-old son, especially when it's on the cover of Time Magazine. The headline-making photograph by Martin Schoeller of Jamie Lynne Grumet nursing her kid for an article on "attachment parenting" — basically, extended nursing, sleeping with the child and carrying your kid around like a human backpack — has caused quite a commotion, since let's face it, that tyke is way too old to be nibblin' on that nipple.

    But hold up — waitaminute! There's actually more to this story - and photo - than meets the eye. In a special investigative report, ego trip has come into possession of the second part of Time magazine's controversial cover photo - which was originally planned as part of an even larger GATEFOLD! Continue on to bear witness this ETL exclusive!

    First, here's the controversial cover...


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