1. BREAKING! Dre Day Goes Worldwide!

    It’s Dre Day and everybody is celebratin’. It seems the globe has been gripped with Andre fever and if there’s a cure for it, we don’t want it. Millions have taken it to the streets in honor of Dr. Dre’s birthday/international holiday. Government sanctioned festivities are currently underway in Johannesburg, Rio de Janeiro and Helsinki (hell yeah!). Efforts to reach our foreign correspondents for updates have proven futile as they are, most likely, higher than a motherfucker right now, enjoying Dre Day.

    ego trip, however, does have PHOTOS of the spiritual orgies taking place across the planet…


    A religious vibe can be found in Papua New Guinea where locals participate in Dre Day-related sacred ceremonies in which oxen and Impalas are sacrificed.

    In Malaysia, thousands gather in every township to spark up colossal spliffs.

    Tel Aviv – “Fuck wit Dreidel Day” from a young G’s perspective.

    Here in America, not everybody loves Dre Day, unfortunately. (F tha police.)

    President Obama mandated that all school buses in the country be pimped into lowriders for this special occasion.

    The biggest celebration is in the city called CPT, of course. Compton’s youth really get into it by engaging in fun activities. Crip Crip Hooray!

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