1. Breaking Bad Opening Credits Done in the Style of The Wire (VIDEO).

    You really have to be a fan of both cable dramas Breaking Bad and The Wire to fully appreciate this one. As dedicated viewers know, the opening credits sequence to the HBO show set in Baltimore depicts the gritty urban ambience of the series rather than focus directly on each character and each season is set to different cover versions of Tom Waits’ “Way Down in the Hole” while the intro to the AMC program about unlikely crystal meth distributors is minimalist to the nth degree, just a periodic table, some smoke and a brief, bluesy rattlesnake-like score. Well, an editor by the name of James Montalbano decided to re-do each opener of Breaking Bad season by season, The Wire style, with winning results. Word to Heisenberg.


    [Via Slate ]

    Breaking Bad, The Wire Style (All 5 Seasons).

    (Props to James Montalbano for making the video edit. H/T to @yasboogie)

    The Wire - Season One Opening Credits.

    (Props to WireLover2 for the upload)

    Breaking Bad Intro.

    (Props to pipinowns for the upload)

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