1. 10 B-Boying Videos You Must See.

    Collected here for your viewing pleasure are a random assortment of YouTube videos powered by the forces of late ’80s/early ’90s urban street-styled dance, whether it be breakin’, poppin’, lockin’, boogie, new jack swing , so on and so forth. Granted, the quality on a lot of these clips is mad grainy with some glitches, but none of that stops the body rock. Since we enjoy seeing hip-hop in locales other than NYC and L.A. , there are videos originating from exotic spots across the map like Cleveland, Brockton, MA and even Dublin, Ireland. Believe us, good folks, when we tell you that the content on these caught-on-videotape treasures is often jaw-droppin’ – whether it’s seeing “Laverne from Laverne & Shirley ” in a b-boy routine (as one YT commenter points out, Penny Marshall is hip-hop, yo!), or just enjoying someone’s home videos from when cardboard and tracksuits ruled the world . Continue on past the jump to experience the all body movin’…

    Irish Breakdancers The Floor Masters

    Looking a little bit like they’re auditioning for roles as Karate Kid villains, the crew nevertheless impresses in an awesomely edited segment for Irish television show Off Yer Bush that oozes ’80s. The intro by guitar-wielding host Brush Shiels is aces.

    (Props to ‪djlaze1972‬ for the upload.)

    Mysterious Dance Company — How To Do Poplockin’

    It ain’t no mystery: the waving and the hair of this Compton crew will make you say, whoa!

    (Props to uno214 for the upload)

    Vallejo TV News Report on Breakdancing

    Dynamic Breakers leader drops science while reporter drops on his head. Good thing he’s wearing a helmet.

    (Props to uno214 for the upload)

    King City Rockers

    Tweens get down on Cleveland, Ohio’s The Big Chuck and Lil’ John Show (no, not that Lil’ Jon). For kids, they sure do got good taste in beats.

    (Props to boompy08 for the upload)


    Penny Marshall Breakdancin’!

    Nevermind the bad quality of this vid, this is Laverne cold gettin’ ill! If you don’t know, now you know, Shirley.

    (Props to DJCDOG for the upload)


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