1. Shiznit We Slept On: The Breakdancin’ Leprechaun (2008).

    With St. Patrick’s Day approaching, whether you’re Irish or not, it’s that time of the year to yet again honor certain traditions and rituals, stuff like dusting off those ol’ House of Pain LPs and picking out green clothes to wear so you don’t get pinched. It’s time to make plans to hit the pub with your buddies to drink and be merry and to reminisce about the b-boying Leprechaun from Bennigan’s. Wait. Hold up. Did we just say the the b-boying Leprechaun from Bennigan’s? Why yes we did, and no, it’s actually not a St. Paddy’s holiday tradition to watch the green suited and booted Fergus Dargle breakdance his ass off on youtube — at least not yet. We can only hope that in the years to come, folks of all nationalities will gather ’round computer monitors to witness this Leprechaun (who was part of an ad campaign for the Irish-themed restaurant chain back in ’08) bust it loose to the beat of “Apache,” doing signature moves like “Pick Up Me Gold.” Until that happens, we’ll still consider ourselves lucky like a four leaf clover that we spotted this amazing dance explosion taking some place over the rainbow… or someone’s unfurnished apartment.


    (Props to leprechaunlad for the upload.)

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