1. BORN DAY SALUTE: Malcolm-Jamal Warner on Directing Music Videos (1991).

    Today, August 18th, marks the Born Day of Theodore Huxtable – um, we mean , Malcolm-Jamal Warner. In the mid ’80s, Young Hux was the man , starring in THE hit television comedy series of its time, filmed in New York (Kaufman Astoria Studios in Queens, to be exact) during hip-hop’s Golden Era. And what was his reward? Full spreads in Jet magazine. An endless supply of Girbaud jeans. Proximity to Lisa Bonet. Cameos in Whodini’s video for “Funky Beat.” Opportunities to direct Special Ed’s music videos. Gucci. Louis Vuitton. Gold. Liz Claiborne. He had it all. Indeed, what a lucky lad he was.

    It is for all these reasons and more, Mr. Warner, that ego trip salutes you. Commonfolk, bow down to M-JW’s greatness and check out this 1991 interview with the Gordon Gartrell spokesmodel “chilling with Spumoni” discussing the self-craft of directing. Don’t let the wisdom nuggets he’s droppin’ hurt you.

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