1. WATCH: Boots Riley (The Coup) in “Self-Help in Hard Times” (Film Trailer).

    File under: “Brothas in Paris.” Self-Help in Hard Times is a short film documenting Bay Area raptivist, Occupy Oakland organizer, and revered long-time leader of The Coup, Boots Riley. In this short but tantalizing trailer beautifully shot in the “City of Light,” Riley discusses such topics as collab-ing with 2Pac and E-40 in his younger days, and myths about gangsta rap. “He’s got the cool that you need a few heartbreaks to get,” Boots states about a street musician playing guitar by his side near clip’s end. One could apply the same description to Riley, still charismatic as ever with his weathered face, and knowing expressions. The film premieres at Théâtre Jean-Vilar, Paris on February 11, 2012.

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