1. The Boondocks
    Uncle Ruckus Movie Coming Soon? (VIDEO).

    The Boondocks creator Aaron McGruder and his talented team have announced plans to make an R-rated live-action theatrical movie based on the character Uncle Ruckus, the cantankerous old coot with eyes like Method Man in the “Bring The Pain” video and whose racial views are more mixed up than a bag of nuts. But with no present corporate backing (perhaps Uncle Ruck is too buck?), the squad has taken to Kickstarter to raise dough to get the project, which will be written/directed by McGruder and star Gary Anthony Williams who also voices the cartoon looney on the Adult Swim animated series, off the ground. As usual with these things, there’s stuff to be had for those who pledge money for a successful campaign (that ends February 28), including artwork, music and other items. Here’s the teaser of Uncle Ruckus coming to human life…

    To find out more, please visit the Uncle Ruckus Movie Kickstarter HERE .

    [Via Complex ]

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