1. Don't Sleep on These Boombox Pillows (Except When it's Bedtime).


    If you — as Mr. James Todd Smith once crooned — cannot live without your radio, consider plushin' up your crib-piece with these Boombox Pillows by Meninos .

    We've seen some pretty silly or straight wack lookin' boombox pillows out there (oh yes, we've been looking; we are adults) but these are far and away the the most bangin'. The set of 3 microfiber fabric pillows are 15.7" x 15.7" (42 x 42 cm) and are washable without fading. That's right... you can't fade them, ninja!!!!!

    If you are ready for your home to go radio ga-ga, you can drop a reasonable $70 and cop dem at Meninos .

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