1. Boogie Blind – “Blazing 45s” Rehearsal Set (AUDIO).

    Harlem’s Boogie Blind is one of the best DJs on this or any other planet. If you’re not already hip to this fact you may wanna check out his recently uploaded “rehearsal” set of soul, funk, breaks etc. in preparation for the “Blazing 45s” party out in L.A. “Rehearsal” is in quotes because a Boogie Blind practice session is reliably better than 99% of most other DJs’ best sets. Check audio and peep words from Boog, below.

    Boogie Blind: I had the pleasure of going to LA to do Blazing 45’s party. While i was there i did a practice set at the homie Byze one crib. The homie jrocc passed thru as well as we were recording the rehearsal set. mind u this is not the full set this is just the part of the set i Needed to practice. i overdubbed drops on certain songs on this mix so ppl wont sample stuff off my mix. in other words find the record yourself.

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