1. WATCH: Official Proof of Bob James’ “Take Me To the Mardi Gras” without the Bells.

    Allow us to unabashedly indulge our beat nerd side for a moment, as we present to you (via beat digger par excellence Thes One of People Under The Stairs) official, indisputable proof that a long debated break-beat myth does, in fact, exist: Bob James’ hallowed hip-hop sonic building block, “Take Me To the Mardi Gras” – without the bells . Heretofore, Biz Markie has claimed to be the only person in the world with this bells-less version of “Mardi Gras” in his possession. Biz being evasive with the details, many wondered whether The Diabolical was just pulling our collective leg. Thes, however, has gone above and beyond the call of beat-digging duty and video-ed the actual master reel of said bell-free break. Now once and for all, you can cha-cha-cha to this “Mardi Gras,”…


    [via ODub @ Soul-Sides ]

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