1. SEE, HEAR: Bob James Addresses Biz Markie; “Mardi Gras” with No Bells (2010).

    The news sent shockwaves through beat-head nerdom: recent video and audio proof provided by Thes One of People Under the Stairs that the much mythologized version of Bob James ‘ recording of “Take Me to the Mardi Gras” without the bells actually exists. Yet… the debate still lingers – in part prompted by apparent super faint bells-bleeding on the uncovered reel (don’t really hear it ourselves), and the fact that some folks are still holding out ’till they see/hear Biz Markie play it on vinyl. So just for kicks we rewind to this 2010 German interview with Bob James (posted by Crate Kings) in which the much-sampled auteur refutes that such a recording is the real McCoy. Biz vs. the Bob?

    [For way more information, visit Crate Kings ]

    (Props to @JeromeDickens)

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