1. raerGROOVE.com Presents: Bob Disaster’s $ALAMANDER $TREET CATA$TROPHE Rap Mix (AUDIO).

    (Art: $heep & Pixel)

    You’re here because you like rap, so listen to a rap mix that people who like rap will like. Featuring Black Sheep , Beatnuts , and Show & AG so you know it’s good.

    Bob Di$a$ter says: A live hip-hop mix of tracks I am currently feeling using all vinyl. Mainly composed of recent limited reissues. Props to D.W.G, Dope Folks and all the labels putting in work unearthing these gems. Excuse any train wrecks, I drank a few beers and grabbed a few records I had to hand. $heep brought me out of retirement and hopefully inspires me to do more with my records.

    (Recorded live on October 15, 2014)


    Mixmasta D – Weekend [1993]
    Priority One – Showin My Stuff [1988]
    DMX – 3 Little Pigs [1991]
    Jay Z & 45 King – Drama [Why Freestyle]
    Black Sheep – Wax On [1991]
    45 King & Louie Louie – Jazz It Up [Instrumental] [1989]
    Live N Effect Posse – Soulman [1988]
    B.A.D REP – Uphill Piece of Mind [1989]
    Bizzie Boys – Turntable Terrorizer [1988]
    45 King & Louie Louie feat. Lakim Shabazz – Style Is Free [1989]
    No Doz – Preservation Of The Hip Hop Nation [1992]
    Sons of Sam – Charisma [Remix] [1993]
    Unique – Rage of a Master [1989]
    Beatnuts – Fashion Goes Off [1991]
    Time Zone – In A Minute [1992]
    The New Style – To The Extreme [1989]
    Kaotic Stylin – Closer To Your Love [1991]
    Latee – Not My Style [1992]
    Moe Crazy – Knock Em Out Da Frame [Shoot Em Mix] [1992]
    Show & AG – I’m Convinced [1992]

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