1. Boardwalk Empire vs. Mobb Deep (VIDEO).


    HBO's Oakley Sunglasses Cheap Boardwalk Empire Knockoff Oakley Sunglasses wrapped up what turned out to be an excellent third season last night as Nucky Thompson and crew went balls out in the vicious battle for Atlantic City. Here, in a clip we totally slept on, a fan uses Mobb Deep's "Shook Part II" as the soundtrack to a commercial for the Prohibition era series. The connection? Well, as Nuck was once told, "You can't be half a gangster," which sounds awfully familiar to the Official Queensbridge Murderers mantra: "Ain't no such thing as half-way crooks."
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    Discount Oakley Sunglasses SPOILER ALERT: Well, kinda sorta. This Season 3 teaser, which aired this Summer, was a shadowy and stylized take on one of the most pivotal (and shocking) moments from Season 2.

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    (Props to DangerGuerrero)

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